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NGA Show 2017

Posted on Feb 25,2017

LAS VEGAS, NV, February (2017) – The 2017 NGA Show once again achieved record attendance this year bringing together independent supermarket operators, wholesalers, manufacturers and technology suppliers to share and solve the toughest issues facing the industry.

At the top of everyone’s list was pricing competition with online retailers, the growing need for delivery or pick up and the growing idea that competing in the future will be more about experience than price.   Retailers and case studies highlighted embracing the fresh food and perimeter traffic trends to reinvent stores and refocus on the in-store customer experience.  We saw several great success stories on the implementation of a variety of e-commerce platforms for online grocery with pick up or delivery service but there were continued concerns about the profitability of scaling these activities.

Swift Shopper was one of a small number of vendors talking about the in-store mobile experience.  As the number of millennials and mobile shoppers purchasing for families increases, the shift of in-store expectations is dramatic.  Mobile is being used to not only compare prices and collect coupons but also increasingly to manage requirements with digital lists, make decisions on ethical products, track allergens and now skip the line with mobile scan, bag and pay solutions like Swift Shopper.  The mobile generation easily tracks of their exercise, calories, plans their travel, and shops for durable goods but grocery shopping continues to lag behind when it comes to a mobile solution.

Swift Shopper officially launched its Retailer Partner program at the show enabling Retailers to connect through the Swift Shopper platform and customize their shoppers in-store experience.  The platform enables mobile advertising, coupon delivery, new product discovery as well as enabling consumers to scan products as they shop, bagging as they go to stay organized, and paying at existing POS systems with no integration costs.

Todd Komanetsky, COO commented, “We as a company are obsessed with following true consumer behavior and we were thrilled to see the increasing number of CPG and retailers that share our view that shoppers want a single mobile grocery experience with the opportunity to interact directly with individual retailers.”

Swift Shopper gives shoppers the ability to manage their needs with real-time shareable lists and have CPG, retailers, coupons and nutrition content all come to them in a seamless digital experience.  Retailers can choose the level of engagement and integration from the scan, bag, pay platform to a highly intimate, customized experience for their customers.

This year’s turnout was phenomenal and we can’t wait to see what happens in 2018!

For more information about Swift Shopper visit the website at: www.swiftshopper.com

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