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Swift Shopper Launches San Francisco's First Mobile Powered Pop-Up

Jan. 08, 2019

Swift Shopper opened San Francisco’s first two-day pop-up enabled by its cashierless checkout technology in the Marina neighborhood. Holiday shoppers downloaded the Swift Shopper app, entered the store, scanned and bagged items as they shopped, and paid directly through their mobile phone. The frictionless checkout technology made the total shopping experience easy, quick, and more enjoyable.

Skip the checkout: Cashier-free tech on the rise

Dec. 16, 2018

“With e-commerce coming into retail, we’re not seeing brick-and-mortar go away, but I think we’re seeing brick-and-mortar be reinvented,” said Justin Wollman, senior vice president of sales at Swift Shopper, a company founded in Florida by Naomi Wilson, a mother of four who had grown frustrated waiting in grocery lines.

American retailers are getting cashierless wrong

Dec. 05, 2018

American retailers may be focused on the wrong thing. Their obsession is with totally hands-free checkout, which Amazon dubs “just walk out.” But Chinese retailers have figured out that there are cheaper and easier ways to eliminate checkout lines.

A Millennial's Perspective on Self-Service

Nov. 06, 2018

SwiftShopper is an effortless transition into the digital realm, offering a mobile checkout directly off of an app branded to the likes of your store. Customers can create shopping lists by manually typing in their items or scanning the UPC’s of what they wish to re-order. Products on the user’s list can be easily found with the aisle marker listed just below the item. Then, they can check out directly off of the app or through cashier assisted checkout lanes from an existing terminal.

Study: Amazon Go Outperforms On Productivity Metrics

Nov. 05, 2018

“The exceptionally high performance of both of these retail productivity metrics makes it clear that Amazon has succeeded in disrupting the established self-service model by developing a model that makes much more efficient use of inventory and the retail footprint … Since there’s nothing similar operating at the same level in the US, Amazon is now free to roll these stores out with no direct competition – and that’s exactly what Amazon looks for and needs to continue to drive the very rapid growth of their enterprise.”

Grocery apps on the upswing

Sep. 11, 2018

Digital marketing and consumer behavior specialist eMarketer said grocery mobile apps are some of the nation’s fastest-growing apps. In 2018, 18 million U.S. adults will use a grocery app at least monthly, up 49.6% versus last year, according to the New York-based firm’s latest app usage forecast.

How Retail Technology Solves the Challenges of a Store Operator

Aug. 20, 2018

Today, successful retailers are learning how to navigate these trends by transforming their stores through innovative technology. Grocers are now offering meal kits, home delivery, and mobile checkout. Retailers are renovating the front end of the store with the addition of self-service checkouts, leveraging data analytics in the back office, and adding technology throughout the store to improve customer experience and the bottom line.

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Skip the Check-Out with Swift Shopper & TRUNO

Swift Shopper is a cloud-based mobile app that creates a more powerful and profitable relationship between grocers and shoppers. Through an integration with TRUNO’s TruCommerce software, Swift Shopper has the ability to deliver relevant and timely deals, accurate on-site product pricing and location, and an expedited mobile checkout that utilizes the retailer’s existing hardware and software.

5 Ways Mobile Scan-and-Pay Benefits Grocers Beyond the Checkout Line

Scan-as-you-shop technology is nothing new. Many retailers tried it as far back as the early 2000s, when Wi-Fi technology was becoming more pervasive and enabled its possibility.

Back then, early pilots revealed interesting results, according to Michael Jaszczyk, CEO of GK Software USA, a Raleigh, N.C.-based omnichannel solutions developer.

Most Prefer Amazon Go Experience Over Traditional Grocery Shopping: Report

The research shows that 84 percent of respondents to a survey said that they see Amazon Go as a “type of grocery shopping experience” they’d enjoy more than traditional grocery shopping. It also reveals that three in four respondents would be either extremely or very likely to shop at an Amazon Go store if one opened close to where they live.

At Shoptalk, retailers ponder the future of brick-and-mortar groceries

Consumer adoption of online grocery shopping is accelerating and could become a $100 billion business in the next four years, Nielsen and the Food Marketing Institute estimate. That’s made e-commerce a top priority for supermarkets. But John D’Anna, chief strategic officer of Brookshire Grocery Company wants to know: What is the future of the brick-and-mortar stores that defined the business for the last century?

Many Americans unconvinced about buying groceries online

For most U.S. consumers, it will take a big change in shopping behaviors and attitudes to shift their grocery purchases online, according to a new study by Morning Consult.

Trend report: Why Personalized Retail Is the Future of Brick-and-Mortar Stores

These days, consumers aren’t coming to brick-and-mortar stores for the prices or the selection – they can usually find better alternatives to both online. They’re coming for the experience. Libraries, museums and other public buildings are seeing this shift, too. These industries are feeling increased pressure to provide something that can’t be reproduced online, something that’s worthy of a trip.

Personalization Will Dominate Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

We are currently living in the “Culture of Me”. Everything we interact with from a digital perspective aims to personalize the experience between human and machine. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have literally become a household staple. Alexa is now a family member. Our refrigerator, thermostat, TV, and washing machine have silent conversations with each other.

Millennials can't wait for smart tech to enter grocery stores and supermarkets

As the largest supermarket names in the UK look to battle the loss of market share to discount competitors, they would do well to take stock of a new report, which suggests shoppers of grocery stores are waiting for new technology to enter the supermarket space. This is especially true of Millennials, who are hungry for the introduction of LIDAR assistance (sensors that monitor movement), smart shelf labels and intelligent push notifications to be provided.

Food Retail Execs See Amazon as Biggest Disruptor: Survey

A survey of more than 200 food retail executives has found that seven in 10 believe that if grocery stores don’t modernize, more consumers will find other ways to purchase food – most likely from the likes of Amazon, which they view as the biggest threat to traditional grocers.