Universal shopping platform & mobile self-scan checkout

for supermarkets and brick-and-mortar retailers.



Retailers may add real time shared shopping lists to their existing apps using the Swift Shopper SDK. Users may share a list with a co-shopper by sending them a link through text, email, or social media. The list now lives in the Swift Shopper platform and is updated real-time as co-shoppers add and delete items from their shared list.

  • Shoppers share Lists with Family and Friends
  • Make buying the right items easy for everyone
  • Intuitive design
  • Embed anywhere in the retailer’s app using retailer’s branding, color, & font.


Using the Swift Shopper SDK, retailers may add a widget to their existing mobile apps to automatically display the deals for their products. The Swift Shopper platform automatically accesses the retailer’s deals directly from the retailer’s existing back-end systems and displays them in the retailer’s app, even using AI to present deals tailored by relevancy to each individual shopper based on the shopper’s shopping habits.

Swift Shopper FlyThru™ THE LINES OR

Swift Shopper FlyPass™ CHECKOUT

When adding self-scan mobile check-out to their existing apps using the Swift Shopper SDK, retailers may choose to provide fast-track checkout at any checkout counter and/or full mobile payment in their existing mobile apps.

Shoppers simply pull items from the shelf, scan the barcodes with the retailer’s app, and put the items directly into their shopping bags.

Shoppers press the checkout button in the retailer’s app when they are finished shopping. The retailer’s app allows the shopper to expedite checkout using Swift Shopper FlyThru™ (pay at the checkout counter). The retailer’s app may also provide the option to skip the checkout line altogether with Swift Shopper FlyPass™ (pay directly in the retailer’s mobile app), allowing shoppers to head straight for the exit showing their onscreen receipt to a store employee that checks receipts at the door.

Now this is shopping in the 21st century!

  • Shoppers scan items themselves as they shop.
  • Expedited checkout through existing checkout lanes without needing to scan items over the conveyor belt.
  • Payment in the retailer’s mobile app with shoppers heading straight for the exit, showing their onscreen receipt to an employee at the door.

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