Digital consumers value time and efficiency. 52% of shoppers are already using mobile technology to research pricing, access coupons or manage shopping needs. Swift Shopper is revolutionizing the consumer goods shopping process by creating a single shopping solution to plan, save money and save time.

Our dedication to improving the shopping experience! Retailers most loyal customers are likely to use a retail specific app, provided it is functional and adds value. Managing shopping lists while trying to save money across multiple retailers and apps is tough. Most consumers go to several stores, sometimes for price, sometimes for selection or service depending on the product. Swift Shoppers universal nature saves our users time and money, while still enabling retailers to deliver savings via specials, coupons and promotions. When retailers add Swift Checkout capabilities, the loyalty grows exponentially because now users are saving time and money while managing all of their shopping in one intuitive app.

White label versions are available, however, white label apps only work for a specific retailer while Swift Shopper was designed as a universal shopping platform that sits across all retailers and allows shoppers to manage all of their consumer purchases. Swift Shopper does offer a partner program which enables retailers to customize the in-store experience once a consumer checks in to their store. Screen color and logos can be customized to match your branding, offer highly relevant promotions, coupons and enable the high-speed check out features which provides a branded experience once a user checks into your store.

The good news is it probably works today with your existing 2-D hand scanners. There are actually several levels of integration allowing retailers to make a stepped migration to their existing point of sale.

Don’t get caught in the all or nothing dilemma. Swift Shoppers enables retailers to make logical incremental steps to move towards true mobile checkout, aligned with both loss prevention and store operations.

API integration is free for most retailers. We connect with your item price book for free because it enhances our customer experience, enabling basket totaling and accurate item descriptions. There is a cost for POS integration depending on your existing point-of-sale solution and level of customization. Talk with us today about options.

The great news is Swift Shopper probably works today with your existing point-of-sale solution so no integration is required. Try it now or call us and we will come demonstrate it for you live.

Remember if you have 2D hand scanners installed today it already works. Most of the work for a truly successful launch is to train your staff, but more importantly educate your customers. Swift Shopper has a complete set of in store marketing materials that can be customized to show your acceptance of Swift Shopper. Swift Shopper staff will work with you to outline and execute your launch to ensure high levels of adoption from your customers.