Yes, we offer grocers a white label self-scan and mobile checkout app. The skin of the app can be customized with the grocer’s logo and custom colors.

No, the white label solution only shows your store’s deals to shoppers.

No, Swift Shopper integrates into the grocer’s current POS and Back Office Software through the Swift Shopper/Truno Cloud.

Some grocery partners have added self-service produce scales to make checkout even faster.

FlyThru™ is a cashier assisted checkout through an existing terminal (it has been designated as a fast-track mobile checkout lane). The shopper presents a bundled barcode to the cashier and it is scanned by a 2D scanner – the items in the cart are injected into the POS. The shopper pays the grocery store through the current payment system.

FlyPass™ is payment right through the phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major credit/debit card.