Swift Shopper is a mobile app that creates a more profitable and powerful relationship between grocers and shoppers by delivering relevant and timely deals, accurate on-site product location, and fast track mobile checkout.

We integrated all the elements of shopping for a household onto a simple, unified, mobile platform and enabled retailers to link into this, universal, fast, checkout system, with existing retailer hardware or with full checkout integration.


Is a privately held Delaware Corporation with its Headquarters in San Francisco, California.


Kathryn Lasater

Chief Executive Officer

Kathryn Lasater has spent her professional career in high tech consulting both on the project management and sales side.  She is active in fundraising, recruiting and governance for several large non-profits.

Justin Wollman

Senior VP of Sales

Justin has spent his career in sales, marketing  and client service. For Swift Shopper, he has created a network of grocers in the Bay Area that are providing input into our technology roadmap, as well as administering the company’s finance and legal activities.

Naomi Wilson


Naomi Wilson is the founder of Swift Shopper. Naomi has spent 13 years of her career largely in marketing and sales, with an intuitive sense of simplicity and functionality in mobile apps.

Lenny Perkins

VP Engineeering

Lenny Perkins is a seasoned engineering leader with extensive experience at building mobile apps, large-scale enterprise cloud platforms, and embedded systems with a strong focus on software architecture and team building.